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26 Things To Do In Siem Reap Besides Temples

If you are feeling hungry, there are also several dining venues within the market, the place you’ll be able to enjoy live music performances, native and western delicacies, beers, cocktails and smoothies. If you are looking for cocktails, Brick House’s rooftop is one of the best kept secrets and techniques. Other notable places in the night market are Coco House and Kroma House. Before you leave for your hotel, remember to get some souvenirs that range from handicrafts, clothing and much more.

Cambodia’s dishes are not as well-known as generally known as those of Thailand or Vietnam, but the Kingdom has a culinary tradition and historical past all its own. What higher way to experience them than with a morning or evening tour, tasting dishes for three or four hours at a time. With so much culture, history, and ancient architecture to take in to soak up during in the course of the day, you might just want to let off some mindless steam at night. For a relaxed evening of western food and a wild night of Angkor beers on tap, head to Pub Street.

Home to Angkor Wat, the awe-inspiring and mind-blowing collection of ancient temple ruins, a visit to Siem Reap might just be the highlight of your trip. Fried spiders are a regional delicacy in Cambodia, especially in the Cambodian city of Skuon, Kampong Cham Province. There’s even an adventure tour specialized in fried insects in Siem Reap, which will show you how to cook and put together bugs.

You can get any place in the main city for $2, while good negotiators should be able to talk drivers down to all the way down to a dollar. Tip the driver and you’ll have a friend for life, plus an eager tour guide who will show you the best of Siem Reap. Bonus points if you can find the “VIP Batman” tuk-tuk.

Huge hostel with loads of space to use and with a capacity of over 200 guests – very easy to meet other travelers. Super budget friendly, often the cheapest price in town. Paris Angkor Hotel in Siem Reap offers furnished bedrooms with Cable TV, wireless and shower. The hotel is located near city points of interest like Wat Kesararam, Luky Mall and Clinic Sokpheap. Hotels are spread over the complete city however larger hotels line the National Highway to the Airport, cheap backpacker hostels tend to surround the old market area and stylish boutique hotels are nestled in the trees along Wat Bo Road.

Dive into cooking classes and pottery-making lessons, visit war museums to learn about the concerning the areas affected by landmines, and then mingle with other travelers at some local pubs where you can find amazing Western food and low-priced draft beer. Hi Nichole, I stayed at Angkor Miracle Resort and Spa in Siem Reap.

The Landmine Museum was really interesting and it taught me a lot about Cambodian history. If you ever return some day, I definitely recommend it, Amy.

Free pick up 24 hr by prior arrangement. Side Walk Coffee Hotel offers budget accommodation in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Single, Double and Family Rooms are available for occupancy with fan or air-conditioning unit. Free Wi-Fi, coffee and tea. Run by the Ly family, comfortable clean rooms with private hot water bathroom, air-con, fan, and TV.

This experience will allow you to reflect on your encounters with Cambodia’s ancient wonders. Helicopters can be chartered to go nearly anywhere in the country. They seat 5-6 people. Prices start at US$1,000 for trips to some of the temples north of Angkor Wat.

To visit this UNESCO heritage site, you can buy tickets for 1, 3 or 7 days. It’s a good suggestion to join a guided tour for at least one of the days to see the main sites or to hire a Vespa, seat back and relax while your driver is taking care of the road.

In general though taxis are more expensive than Tuk-Tuks. A taxi to the airport will cost about $7 USD. You can also rent taxis for the day to take you around Angkor Wat, which costs from $25 USD.

This mangrove forest offers a much more authentic ‘floating village experience’ than the one close to the Tonlé Sap ferry harbour. This fascinating village on stilts can be reached by Tuk-Tuk from Siem Reap. During the dry season, it takes about 1 hour to reach the village, depending on the road conditions and water level. Depending on where you buy your tour, your haggling techniques and your initiative to book a Tuk-tuk and boat ride yourself the price varies between US$7-60/person for a round trip. Beware of scam.

The boat wood was carved into the oddly foreshortened reclining Buddha installed in a swimming pool like pit behind the imposing, yet despondent looking, seated Buddha in the main hall. Perhaps mimicking the construction materials origins the reclining Buddha has taken on a sunken slant at the feet end.

Never fear dear reader, let me share with you what to see in Siem Reap such as the best places to visit in Siem Reap for a fun night out, the top markets you need to shop at, museums that are worth going to and alternative and off the beaten track Siem Reap attractions in case you get bored with what the city has to offer (which you shouldn’t). If you want to learn more about the Cambodian spirituality or do some great spiritual activities and workshops, I can recommend you to visit the Waist Center in Siem Reap. There are daily free workshops on Cambodian spirituality and many other spiritual activities and workshops in which I learned a lot. It´s really worth a visit (wayist.com). Senteurs d’Angkor is a great hidden gem in Siem Reap.

After a long day of temple-trekking, give your worn-out feet a little TLC to prepare for the next day’s adventures. Spas offering reflexology, massages and more can be found at any hotel, but the independent Frangible also gets consistently high marks and Spa Indochinese’s traditional treatments are freshly prepared with local ingredients each day. Tuk-tuks are the local taxis, and the easiest way to get around Siem Reap.

There is no special services or hidden fees. It is a pleasant place to go as a couple or alone. Wat Damnak located behind the market on the south-eastern side of the river. Also houses the Center for Khmer Studies, a library and a primary school.

2 bottles of water daily. Laundry, onward transport bookings, and free Wi-Fi. The Ly family works hard on making {education available to the children of rural families; volunteers with the Ponheary Ly Foundation often stay here. Four of the family are licensed Angkor Wat tour guides, speaking English, French and Russian.

Now based in Siem Reap, Ride Expeditions are available for open and private tours leaving from their headquarters or any main location in Cambodia. Fully maintained dirt bikes are available to hire as well as all safety gear. The company provides support vehicles as well as a fully trained medic on all tours. See the real Cambodia and have a great time doing it. KKO is a NGO that offers free education to young Cambodians.

The glittering modern temple grounds gives a few hints to its 500 year history. Though the lotus themed architecture seem to emulate temples from over the border, the front gate integrates Bayon style heads and a scene in relief of the Buddha seated under a tree, while armies fire arrows on one side and others are eaten by crocodiles on his other, that looks like it could have been taken directly from Angkorian mural. Legend holds it that the site was established around 1500 when a famous monk landed ashore on a piece of his sinking boat.

Think again with Siem Reap on the doorstep. I’m in Siem Reap at the moment….third time…no temples this time just chilling, drinking, eating and enjoying massages lol! Great place to just relax a little.

Just let your private guide know your specific interests so he or she can include them in your flexible itinerary. First, explore the Bayon, the centerpiece of the ancient walled city, known for its decorative Khmer temple. Your guide points out distinctive features such as the more than 200 serene and massive stone faces that tower around the central peak.

To get away from the crowds in the major temples and see some of the less visited sites, and be sure to stick around after sunrise. For more information, see the detailed section on Angkor Wat. Siem Reap, Cambodia is the main access to visit Angkor Wat. Backpacking Siem Reap here is one of the main stops for travelers through the region. Even if you aren’t a backpacker, chances are you’ll travel here because it will be your base while you visit Angkor Wat.

I didn’t either during my first visit, but back then I got an overall bad impression of Siem Reap. After my second visit, I know for sure that I’ll return!

Popular night spot for travelers, locals and expats. An open air rooftop bar featuring a 6ft skateboard half pipe, jam sessions every Wednesday evenings, live Djs and bands every week and a resident Tattoo shop with a French artist. Probably the best city views in town, and unusual sunset over the half pipe. At the end of Pub Street, look up for the X. HAVEN is a training restaurant teaching disadvantaged young adults useful work skills, while treating you with delicious, honest food that loves you right back.


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